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International Languages Home (ILH) is the leading translation agency in Egypt that offers the best in global translation services across the world. Founded in 1998, our network is well equipped with more than 200 certified members across the country. We have state of the art software to monitor and conduct quality checks that are tailored to meet the requirements of various global clients. At ILH, we offer professional translation services that are carried out by expert native language translators, proofreaders and experienced project managers. Our network is linked with high profile clients from all over the Middle East, Asia and Europe. With a customer care that runs 24/7, our company is well equipped to meet your requirements at any time. At ILH, we facilitate translation services in accordance with the current international standards to fulfill the demands of global clients. We specialize in translation services from main European languages into Arabic and other available target languages (translation, proofreading, localization, copywriting, subtitling etc.) We use the latest hardware and software solutions and the latest versions of various translation tools and localization and subtitling solutions. Our projects are delivered on time, with the supreme service quality at the reasonable price. You get the best possible quality/price ratio!


Our mission is to deliver complete client satisfaction by providing tailor-made, all-round services, from the first contact through to order fulfillment. Every client is assigned a dedicated mother tongue translator; this ensures LINGUISTIC CONSISTENCY in all translated materials. Moreover, a dedicated project manager is assigned for every client to ensure that the client’s needs are met from A to Z. There is a trick though… In layman terms Translation can be described as a conversion of sentences from one language to another. But a professional expert can only know the fundamentals of translation where it is not only the conversion of a language, but also involves the inculcation of all the contextual and stylistic changes which is required to make the localized language more real and accurate. Translation is more to adapt the text into the cultural understanding of the target users…and here is where we can help! Ultimately… ILH understands all the nitty-gritty involved in the language localization and provides its clients with a translation service which is high in quality and completely done by human translators who are natives.


Whether it is a book or a journal, magazine, pamphlets, brochure, document or even an entire website, we are proud to consider ourselves capable of translating any given item into any desired language. With the help of our expert and qualified team who are proficient in all the latest technologies, we are able to deliver the best quality work in the industry.


We do not want to script down values to ride on the new bandwagon. Basic principles of our Translation Agency are “Know your customer” principle and strict observance of non-disclosure of proprietary and confidential information provided for translation by a customer. We also guarantee that you will receive a high-quality translation within the established time limits. Furthermore, we offer the best price/quality ratio