English Preschool Teacher

  • Establish and enforce rules of behavior for children in their classrooms

  • Provide basic needs for children

  • Provide tools and resources for children to use and explore during learning and play activities

  • Adapt teaching methods and materials to meet the interests and learning styles of children

  • Develop and maintain positive relationships with children and parents

  • Manage classroom activities including lessons, play, breaks, and meals

  • Track children’s progress and report to parents

  • Maintain a clean and tidy classroom

  • Help children reach developmental milestones

  • Collaborate with others to implement lesson plans

  • Encourage children to interact with each other to develop social skills

  • Provide appropriate supervision for children at all times

  • Maintain inventory system for classroom materials and supplies

  • Facilitate various activities for children including songs, games and storytelling

  • Adhere to health/safety and sanitation procedures

تاريخ النشر: ٢٩ مارس ٢٠٢٣
الناشر: Tanqeeb.com

تاريخ النشر: ٢٩ مارس ٢٠٢٣
الناشر: Tanqeeb.com