Homeroom Teacher - October City


We are looking for an outstanding and passionate Homeroom Teacher to join our new Prime National Schools in 6th of October area that will open its doors for the first time to students in September 2023.


Overall Functions:

To teach and educate students according to the educational needs, abilities and attainment potential of individual students entrusted to his/her care by the Head of School or Head of Department.


Main Responsibilities:

  • Promoting the general progress and well-being of individual students, groups of students or class entrusted to him/her.
  • Participating in school assemblies, as well as in school trips, events, and meetings of various natures.
  • Sharing in any possible and reasonable way in the effective management, organization, order, and discipline of the school.
  • Nurturing a culture where teachers view themselves essentially as facilitators of learning and reflective practitioners.
  • Maintaining regular weekly and professional communication with the families about student academic achievements, behavioral concerns with a clear Individual Educational Plan (IEP), areas for improvement and wellbeing.


Functional Responsibilities:


Classroom Management:

  • Plan and implement effective classroom management practices.
  • Maintain good order and discipline amongst students and always safeguard their health and safety in accordance with the school's procedures.
  • Encourage good practice regarding punctuality, behavior, completion of homework assignments, and projects.
  • Prompt students to identify classroom rules and regulations to build their sense of responsibility and belonging.


Planning & Assessing:

  • Planning, preparing, and delivering lessons to all students in the class.
  • Assigning work, correcting, and marking work carried out by his/her students.
  • Assessing, recording, and reporting on the development, progress, attainment and behavior of one’s students.
  • Providing or contributing to oral and written assessments, reports and references relating to individual students or groups of students.
  • Participating in arrangements within an agreed framework for the appraisal of students’ performance.



  • Teaching according to the educational needs, abilities and achievement of the individual students and groups of students.
  • Assigning appropriate and challenging tasks built on prior attainment and ensure high levels of students’ interest and engagement.
  • Using effective teaching strategies and efficient time management.
  • Using a variety of teaching methods and adapting instruction to students’ differences in development, learning styles, strengths and needs.
  • Together with the Learning Support Assistants, developing and implementing the Individual Educational Program (IEP) for students with Individual Educational Needs and participating in IEP and Individual Transition Plan (ITP) meetings.
  • Make use of audiovisual technological devices/aides (such as radio aids; projectors) and other adaptations during the delivery of the lessons.
  • Maintaining good order and discipline amongst students under one’s care and always safeguarding their health and safety.
  • Using effective questioning and prompting students to elaborate their responses. Giving constructive feedback on students’ errors and misconceptions.
  • Ensuring the safe custody and optimum use of equipment normally used by oneself during lessons and seeing to its regular servicing and maintenance.


Other Professional Responsibilities:

  • Adopting and working towards the implementation of the school development plan.
  • Communicating, consulting, and co-operating with other members of the school staff, including those having posts of special responsibility to ensure the best interest of students.
  • Reviewing and evaluating one’s own teaching and learning strategies, methodologies, and program/s in line with the Curriculum Framework guidelines.
  • Ensuring high standards of professional practice and quality of teaching and learning of the subject. Through effective dialogue, participating in peer review and observation of class teaching practice by the Head of Department.
  • Participating in staff, group or other meetings related to the school curriculum or pastoral care arrangements, for the better organization and administration of the school.
  • Contributing to the professional development of new teachers and student teachers according to arrangements agreed with the Head of School.



A Bachelor's degree in a related fieldA proven track record of providing outstanding teaching and learningExperience working with Lower Primary StagePrevious experience working in an international school setting is a plus 
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الناشر: Wuzzuf .com
تاريخ النشر: ٢٨ مارس ٢٠٢٣
الناشر: Wuzzuf .com